Let the artwork begin


Let the artwork begin

This is an image Burk made of me working at Bath & Body Works. Except I worked in their marketing department as a designer, and not as a giant head floating just inside one of their stores. But oh well, at least I look happy.


5 Responses to “Let the artwork begin”

  1. chris Says:

    i’ve seen this guy before. his head just floats around the store and asks you if you need assistance

  2. cougar Says:

    yeah, me too. the head kept bumping into me

  3. burkarino Says:

    dude – i punched that head in the face after it sneezed on my new shoes

  4. Yontz Says:

    who is this kid? and why is his head so big? you can totally tell that he weighs like 400 pounds…

  5. Jess Says:

    Imagine having to ride the bus to school with that. I’m scarred for life…

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