Ladies Man



This is Burk at his new desk over by the client services girls. Guy is just trying to fit in. (Note Traci staring disapprovingly over the top of his desk much like in real life.)


4 Responses to “Ladies Man”

  1. cougsmontegue Says:

    My sister used to have this exact desk setup when she was a kid. I burned it down!

  2. Rycus Says:

    I don’t know what I like the most:

    the pink patent leather shoes (maryjanes we call those)
    the barbie desk
    or the fact that Burk just became the exorcist by having his head on backwards

  3. mirenda Says:

    I love the exorcist look! MIchael can do the JC Penney Catolog “Spring Excorcist” line of clothing look…..
    Love the cute little arms.

  4. hoy Says:

    I want to bite those little arms…..
    Love the shoes!
    His mommy use to call Michael (her little BabyCake).

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