Turtle times…



Burk, much like da Vinci, and his code, has created a true masterpiece. This pretty much represents our personalities in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle form: Burk would lead, because he is most intelligent as evidenced by the eye protection he sports when taking on crime and rival ninja groups. Rinehart looks completely furious, but let’s others know it’s ok by flashing a thumbs up and giving a happy little wave. I look like a clown, or someone mentally deranged, but yet oddly at peace with my arms calmly folded. I think Meredith is just happy to have her head out of the sewer.


2 Responses to “Turtle times…”

  1. Rycus Says:

    Congrats, Mer, on making it to “Trey” big time!!

  2. Mer Says:

    Just happy to be out of the sewer; that pretty much sums it all up

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