Beer Pong Veteran

July 11, 2007 by

beer1.jpgIt’s hard to imagine that one man can go from a rookie to a seasoned pro in a matter of 3 hours…but it happened! Andy “I sink it, you drink it!” Crooks, in a drunken stuper, stepped up to the wooden board in his first game of beer pong and started taking names. Fools were crying at the end of the night as Crooks and his magical beer arm beat them into the ground.

So when you see this man at party, step back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Crooks would also like to thank the man who taught him everything…Burk


Don’t just surf. Surf a friend!

June 20, 2007 by


It wouldn’t be fair, to you, to Crooks, to Rinehart, to anyone, if I tried to explain this image.

 Surf’s up dude!

Bum Lady

June 11, 2007 by

This is an image of Courtney, aka “Bum Lady,” receiving the charitable contributions of Burk and Yontz, as they try to give aid to her disadvantaged situation. You may also want to recycle donate to her desk homeless camp.


May 25, 2007 by


Only certain types of flourescent bulbs make Kim Mills look like Rinehart. You can buy them at Lowe’s for $14.99.


April 24, 2007 by


My Buddy
My Buddy
Wherever I go, he goes
My Buddy
My Buddy
I’ll teach him everything I know
My Buddy
My Buddy
My Buddy and me!

Discin’ Into Dusk

April 23, 2007 by


Crooks took the opportunity that the weather gave him this weekend. He went frisbee golfin’ from dawn ’til dusk. As you can tell by his atire, it was a beautiful day for disc golfin’. If you’re interested in disc golfin’ with this man, please leave your comments and he’ll be sure to get back with you.

Oden loves Resource…

April 20, 2007 by

Oden loves Resource…

Crooks created a picturesque view of how much Greg Oden loves Resource. Although you can’t see his face, Greg Oden is old and wise – and is dedicated to slamma jammin over punks in the name of Resource.
(This is a play of 300 where the guy yells – THIS IS SPARTA! – for those who don’t know)

Turtle times…

April 18, 2007 by


Burk, much like da Vinci, and his code, has created a true masterpiece. This pretty much represents our personalities in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle form: Burk would lead, because he is most intelligent as evidenced by the eye protection he sports when taking on crime and rival ninja groups. Rinehart looks completely furious, but let’s others know it’s ok by flashing a thumbs up and giving a happy little wave. I look like a clown, or someone mentally deranged, but yet oddly at peace with my arms calmly folded. I think Meredith is just happy to have her head out of the sewer.

What time is it?

April 16, 2007 by


So, to explain the title of this blog, some time after Burk began working with us he would inform us, “It’s Time,” referring to our daily Starbucks run. Time is officially 2:37pm EST. (I am including this image of Burk handing me a Grande Mocha, even though we walk there, and they have no drive-through.)

Rock Em Sock Em RineCrooks

April 16, 2007 by


This is what happens when Crooks gets mad at Rinehart. It’s a perfect representation of what actually happens. This is the first image of a series to come.